What will my car be worth after a body shop repair at trade in

Has your vehicle being in an accident?  You are probably wondering how this will affect the value of your trade in.  Does a body shop collision repair lessen the value of your vehicle when trading it in?

The real answer – It Depends.  It depends on many factors like, how long you have owned your vehicle, how many miles are currently on it, who is appraising the vehicle and who completed the repair.

The Good News for you!  D-Patrick wants to work with you for all of your vehicle needs.  When it comes to a body shop repair and you purchased your vehicle from one of our locations:

D-Patrick Motoplex, D-Patrick #1 Used Cars, D-Patrick Evansville Ford, D-Patrick Boonville Ford, D-Patrick Honda or D-Patrick Nissan

We trust our master certified repair technicians to not only ensure your vehicle looks amazing, but that it is returned to the factory safety and performance specifications.  Using a D-Patrick Body Shop on your D-Patrick purchased vehicle will increase the vehicle value in every case.  Ready for an estimate?  Click Here